Media coverage for Liverpool Limericks

"A brilliant new book!  A bargain at only £4.99!"

Helen Jones on the Billy Butler Show, BBC Radio Merseyside, June 2009

"... [the author] presents a gallery of lovable rogues, from the poor bloke who complains what hard work benefit fraud is, to the young scally who longs to get an ASBO for Christmas."

Bookshelf - Lancashire Life, February 2009


"a wonderful book...fantastic..."

Dean Sullivan - the actor who played Jimmy Corkhill in Brookside - on The Sullivan Show, City Talk 105.9, 5 June 2008

(Listen to the entertaining radio interview by clicking here and then hitting the play button on the left side of the screen that opens up)


"...packed with witty and original limericks..."

There was a Wirral man called Jerry... - Liverpool Echo, 16 May 2008


"...evidence that limericks are in rude health..."

Are you a poet but just don't know it? - Liverpool Echo, 6 May 2008