Liverpool Limericks

by Jerry Markison
with Illustrations by Dan Archer

"...packed with witty and original limericks..." (Liverpool Echo)


A'rite der! Com'ed 'n 'av a laff wit' us!

Roll up for a ma-chuckle mystery tour around Liverpool places, people and history.

Who was the greatest ever Scouser?  Why is John Lennon Airport such a fitting name?  What did Kenny Dalglish do to throw his own players into as much confusion as those on the other side?

Vital questions like these are answered within the pages of Liverpool Limericks

Aside from gently poking fun at local personalities such as Wayne Rooney, Ken Dodd, Edwina Currie and Ray Quinn, the bite-size verses will introduce you to a gallery of lovable rogues, who present an alternative perspective on the Capital of Culture's culture.  And, of course, [**parental advisory**] no limerick collection would be complete without its share of the saucy, the suggestive, and the downright indecent!

With some hilarious illustrations dotted across its pages, and some quirky snippets of local trivia at the end, this book is the perfect solution when looking for a gift or souvenir. 

Liverpool Limericks is published by Beauclair Books: